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Our Products are Guaranteed!

If you ever feel your product isn’t functioning properly, you can contact us with your claim and we’ll do our best to make sure it’s right. Our 1-year warranty covers all the working parts of our wallets. Warranty coverage begins the day you bought your product and expires 365 days from the date of purchase. Please read the full details below to understand what is covered under warranty.

Wallet Warranty

We stand behind our wallets with high confidence that you will be happy with your purchase. Our wallets are made from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. If your wallet is not functioning as it should, please contact us or submit a claim within 1-year of purchase. Our wallet warranty covers the functionality and working parts of our wallets including:

  • Elastic materials
  • Money clips or metal pieces
  • Wallet plates and bolts
  • Opening or closing of the card compartment

Warranty does not cover claims due to damages caused by customer handling, overuse or misuse, storage, or treatment. We expect that over time general wear and tear will occur. The wallet warranty does not cover general wear and tear.

This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Lost or stolen items
  • Unauthorized repairs or custom modifications, or parts removal
  • Cosmetic issues such as scratches, scrapes, and wear and tear
  • Other damages not related to functionality are not covered under warranty

Personalized Products Customer Satisfaction & Usage Policy

We are unable to exchange or replace your order for customer created errors such as color differences between your computer and our professionally calibrated printing systems, typos and misspellings, poor image quality or low resolution, layout errors and missing images, blank pages or mistakes in product design, content quality, product selection mistakes (i.e. product size, style or cover choices), general wear and tear over time.

Warranty does not cover claims due to damages caused by customer handling, overuse or misuse, storage or treatment.

General Wear and Tear and What Is Not Included In Warranty Coverage

We expect that over time general wear and tear will occur. As with any painted products, the paint adhesion to the material can be chipped, cracked or wear down. In order to keep your wallet in pristine condition we recommend the following actions:

  • Never place your wallet in your pocket, bag or purse with keys or other metal objects. The metal to metal contact will scratch and chip the paint and/or the metal surface. Just like on a car, if you take a key to it, it will scratch. Be mindful of what else you are putting in your pocket with your wallet.
  • It’s best to keep your wallet in your pocket, bag or purse against a soft or cloth edge for the longest wear.
  • Never use harsh chemical cleaners on your wallet. If it gets dirty, dingy or just needs a wash, use mild soap and water and wipe with a soft cloth to dry.

Customers looking for a refresh of their wallet face due to normal wear and tear should refer to our Refresh Program (and can find more details in our Terms and Conditions).

Refresh Program

Send back your wallet within 365 days of the purchase date for a reprint on your wallet face (limit is one time from date of purchase). Customer must contact our Enroll on our Refresh Program website page. prior to the 365-day deadline according to their original purchase date and pay a $15 shipping and handling fee. Our support team will send a prepaid label for your wallet return. Customer pays for shipping and handling and no other costs or charges included for printing.  Our team ships back the wallet with the refreshed print on the front.


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